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Navaratna Small Round Ring


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18kt Gold

Stone: Mixed

An ancient Asian amulet found throughout Asia, it is believed the nine auspicious gems have a special connection to each of the nine planets. In wearing the charm, you are allowing the powers of the planets to create a positive, balancing and protective influence on your life.

Venus – Diamond

Sun – Ruby

Moon – Pearl

Mars – Coral

Jupiter – Yellow Sapphire

Mercury – Emerald

Rahu – Hessonite

Saturn – Blue Sapphire

Ketu – Cat’s Eye

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Ring Size: M and 1/2

Disc Size: 13mm

Stones: 3mm

Material Composition: 18kt Gold + Diamond, Ruby, Pearl, Coral, Yellow Sapphire, Emerald, Hessonite, Blue Sapphire, Cat’s Eye

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